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Indstrial water softener


Water softener usage in Industries is must, as most of the industries use bore well water for the process like feed water to the Boiler and cooling towers. Generally bore well water contains more hardness comparing to surface water. Minimum permissible hardness in Industries is Less than 5 PPM (Parts Per Million) or mg/L (Milli Grams per Liter).

Industries Requires thousands of Litres soft water per hour,  getting potable water from public water connection is not so easy, then the other option is bore well water. When bore water is the feed to boiler and cooling tower, then must treat the water with the water softener before feeding in to the boiler and cooling tower.

Industrial water softener big in size, as the requirement of soft water is more, automatically the size of the softener will be big. In big size water softeners  we use MSRL/MSEP (Mild Steel Rubber Lined/ Mild Steel Epoxy Painting) pressure vessel. It is easy for servicing the softener when the pressure vessel is MSRL/MSEP. Also we can design pressure vessel as per the customer requirement.

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